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The Brand, our history, our values
Created in 2020
Our story begins in Alsace, where we founded Bébé Essentiel, a French family business that offers simple and caring solutions to support future and young parents in their roles. We have chosen to create our online store to allow everyone to take advantage of our selection of high-quality products, designed to facilitate the daily life of parents and bring softness and comfort to baby.
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We are constantly researching and designing new high-quality products to simplify your daily life and fully enjoy your baby. We work with passionate designers in Turkey who use traditional techniques to make our products, labeled Oeko-tex and eco-responsible. We take pride in guaranteeing the quality of our items by selecting the best suppliers and carrying out rigorous safety and quality checks before they go on sale.

Tradition of Excellence

At Bébé Essentiel, we are committed to the French tradition of excellence in product quality. We attach great importance to the origin and quality of the materials used to make our products. Thus, we offer natural, flexible, light, breathable and chemical-free textiles to provide baby with optimal comfort and respect the environment.

We are proud to work with passionate designers in Turkey, who use traditional techniques to craft our products. We guarantee the quality of our items by selecting the best suppliers, and carrying out rigorous safety and quality checks before they are put on sale.

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Sustainable Actions

We are also committed to sustainable actions to preserve our planet. We have chosen to work with eco-responsible suppliers, labeled Oeko-tex, to guarantee baby's safety and health. We also make sure to offer an optimal customer experience, by exchanging with our customers and taking their feedback into account to improve our service.



In short, our mission is to offer you superior quality products that respect the environment and baby's health, while supporting you with kindness in your role as a parent. We are committed to guaranteeing your satisfaction by responding to your questions, suggestions or complaints as soon as possible.

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